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As the fastest growing direct marketing company in the country, specializing in the needs of the seminar driven Financial Representative, our mission is to provide you with the most innovative direct marketing solutions to grow your business. 

While setting ourselves apart as the value leader in seminar marketing, we have received numerous compliments for our full-service approach, committed to strong results and detailed market analysis.  So whether you are currently mailing seminar invitations, or you are interested in beginning a seminar program to attract new clients, we have the tools to accelerate your business.

In addition to our seminar program, we offer a variety of direct marketing programs aimed at improving your exposure.  As a small office or large firm, our programs are tailored to your business with a single goal in mind, an exclusive marketing campaign to attract and retain new clients.

Give us a call to find out what you’ve been missing with your current marketing program, and you might be surprised to find out how much you’ve been overpaying for your current service.  When you call, one of our personal marketers will provide you with all of the details that set us apart from other companies. 

With heightened competition in your industry, an unstable economy and shrinking commissions, first impressions are more important than ever when securing your new clients. 

Many of our new clients were unaware of the vast differences in service, material, and programs available until they experienced the full-service Accelemark approach.  We are confident we can improve your overall seminar marketing experience as well.

Relaxed, Easy to Work with Us.
One of the first things you will notice are the many improvements we’ve made to the process.  The result, a time saving experience when implementing your direct marketing solution, and a process made simple.

Our focus is on providing an upfront turnkey solution for financial groups, FMO’s, broker dealers, and independent advisors who understand that seminar marketing is still the single most effective way to market to, and acquire, new clients.

Our experience allows us to guide you towards the most qualified prospects in your area. Beginning with a complete consultation, a targeted mailing list, customizable designs, text and copy; Accelemark has all of the resources available to implement a successful seminar marketing campaign. 

Regardless of your seminar presentation, we will customize a seminar marketing plan to bring you qualified attendees and the highest ROI in the marketplace.

We are driven to provide cutting edge solutions, fresh ideas, and exciting incentives, without charging a premium.  Simply put, you should not have to pay more for the service and results you expect.  Accelemark will maximize your marketing dollars, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

We are excited about the opportunity to help new advisors gain exposure to the seminar marketing process.  If you are an experienced advisor, we have the controls and proper audits in place employing best practices to move as quickly as you are comfortable. 

Our process begins and ends with service.  We have personal marketers available and ready to consult with you about your next seminar marketing campaign.  For your convenience, we also have detailed order forms to help meet your individual needs, providing you with the latest available features.

Please reference the following steps for a complete understanding of how we can serve you with a process made simple.



The Lists – Never recycled, and always current with new NCOA Government regulations, we broker one of the largest and most comprehensive lists available.  Many mailing companies and mail houses buy their list from the credit bureaus or other compilers, however we spend the extra resources to get the best list available from a source specializing in consumer list management.

It contains actionable information on nearly 110 million households and 220 million individuals brought together “relationally” from pivotal file sources used for demographically selectable items at the individual, household and area level. 

It can also be selected by marketing segments like:  Affluent Households, Computer Owners, Upscale Seniors and Grandparents, Hispanic Households, people interested in Investment and Finance, Mortgage-holders and many more unique segments.

Our lists are a comprehensive and robust data solution for target marketing services. See our Data Enrichment Process.